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Books I’m no longer interested in reading

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I hate to use the word “never,” but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve honed my interests and learned the value of giving a hard pass to just about anything I don’t immediately take to. I mean, life is short and time’s a-wastin’.

Why read a book I don’t like or care about?

I have my favorite genres/tropes and a list in my head of books that will always grab my attention—is there an orphan? Is it the 1800s? A nanny and a haunted house? I’m in.

Conversely, I thought it’d be fun to write a list of book themes and tropes that I usually give the dis to. So this week’s Top Ten Tuesday theme was right up my alley.

The kinds of books I never want to read

11. Fairy tales and mythology

I don’t want to read the original stories and I don’t want to read a novelization of Little Red Riding Hood, or a retelling of the unfortunate Persephone/Hades episode. I wrote a paper on fairy tales for a college class on Sorcery and Damnation (no kidding) like 15 years ago and I guess that was it for me. (Update: I just found out about this book and now I want to read it. See? Never say never.)

2. YA dystopia


Btw, I actually read this when it first came out and really liked it.

I had my fun with The Hunger Games as it was published and now there are so many other dystopian YA books that I can’t keep up. I think I’m just worn out on the theme.

33. Political books or books by politicians

Fiction or nonfiction, I don’t seem to be able to tolerate books that are explicitly about politics. Like at all.

44. Books about WWII

I can’t watch movies about WWII either. I had this war shoved down my throat in public school so forcefully that I can only stand tangential stories. The last book I read set in/around WWII was The War that Saved My Life and that was more of a book about a certain family of displaced kids.

55. Books about how education in this country is going to hell in a handbasket

Education in this country has made a home in this fiery handbasket. I applaud the authors who are trying to incite change, but everything I read on this topic upsets me so much that I’m starting to worry about taking minutes off my life.

66. Anything by Brene Brown

I want to like her style. I just don’t. Instead, I look to Martha Beck for insight into how I can feel better about life.

77. Diet books

Other than the snooty French eating advice I can’t stop reading, I’m sooo done with diet books.

88. Comics

I like a good graphic novel, but I’m just not into comics. Ditto anything that’s on the borderline between comic and graphic novel. Automatic meh from me.

99. And for that matter, anything featuring superheroes

I mean, maybe if the heroes are sort of off the beaten path – like a story about a girl who makes up her own superhero. Or maybe the protagonist is hardcore into a fandom. Other than that, nopenopenope.

1010. Erotic fiction

Unless it’s by Anais Nin. Everything else: yawn.


Visit That Arty Reader Girl today to see what everyone else’s lists look like.

Also, I’d love to hear what would make your list of books not to read!


4 thoughts on “Books I’m no longer interested in reading

  1. malanielovesfiction says:

    I thought I was the only book blogger to read her work and SHE IS MY WRITING GURU ❤ ❤
    I am crying
    with happiness ❤


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