Re-reading Project, That Reading Life

The Accidental Re-reading Project

Guys! I have a little reading project going and I didn’t realize it until now. I’ve been re-reading books from my teenage/college years kind of intentionally but not on a schedule. Spontaneously, I’ll remember a book I loved during those years and then order it so I have a copy and re-read it just to see what 39-year-old Shannon thinks.

I didn’t recognize it as a pattern until today. Perhaps my subconscious, knowing me quite well, has kept this pattern from being noticed by my conscious mind because she knooows it would just turn into a big fat PROJECT with a spreadsheet and thus end in disappointment when I inevitably didn’t finish it.

But…isn’t that fun? I think I’ll make a category for it so one can sort through all the posts that are part of the project. And I’ll go back and re-categorize books I’ve purposefully re-read and blogged about so they all show up.

Right now, I’m re-reading Object of My Affection by Stephen McCauley, which teenage Shannon read about five times, and which became a movie starring Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd.

Here’s a small stack of books I’ve bought in the past year or so (peep the copy of Follow That Boy – don’t judge me, it was the early 90s! :D).


Next, I’m planning on acquiring some of the books we read in my college Feminist Memoir class. I remember loving those books and that whole class was an eye-opener for a cis, white, Midwestern teenager.

So, do you re-read books from your past to see if present you still feels the same way (good or bad) about them? Tell me!


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