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Fun Bookish Links

Fun Bookish Links 1/5/18

Happy freakin’ Friday! Hope your week went just swell. In case you were robbed of the pleasure of mountains of snow falling on your home or car, here are a couple shots of my car and street from 7:30 this morning. Brrrrr.

Pillow Fort: It's snowing like woah

In other news, since Friday is traditionally the day of link sharing in the land of the internet, I’m aiming to join in by sharing some fun book and reading related links. Just things I’ve happened upon during the week that I found interesting/enjoyable and maybe you will too.

(Barring, of course, any circumstances outside my control, like snowmageddon*, my obsessive watching of My 600 lb. Life**, or you know actual life happenings***.)

So, without further ado…

Have a great weekend!

*Kind of low-key happening right now, actually, as we accumulate several inches each night.
** Can’t. Look. Away.
***Unlikely, as I am both recovering from the flu and hibernating due to aforementioned snowmageddon.

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